Find new companies that have the problem you solve.

We make it easy to identify your ideal customers so you can focus on closing deals. That's it!
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A simple company search engine that gets the job done!

Our patented technology looks up millions of websites and identifies the companies that have the problem you solve. 


Identify your ideal customers

Our simple search allows you to narrow it down and find your ideal customers easily and effectively.


Get new leads delivered to your email inbox

We will make it easy for you to close deals by sending you qualified prospects directly to your email inbox. 


Our database of verified businesses covers anyone from your local car repair shop to Fortune 500 companies.

3.3 million US companies

100s of data points

Multi-source verification

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Finding new customers shouldn't take forever and shouldn't cost a ton. Get started today!

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Standard Price: $600 / year

Special Price: $99 / one-time

3.3 million companies

Unlimited searches

10,000 exports

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No credit card required!

Frequently asked questions

What is Inbox Gold?

Inbox Gold is a simple and easy to use company search engine platform that helps you identify your ideal customers and deliver qualified leads directly to your email inbox.

How does Inbox Gold work?

It's very simple. You can create a free account and start searching for companies in real time. Our patented technology will scan millions of website so we can help you identify the customers that have the problem you solve.

How much does it cost?

Inbox Gold costs $600 per year per user. You can sign up for free trial with no commitment.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do! You can sign up for a free 1-week trial.