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Find new companies that have the problem you solve.

No monthly subscriptions and overpriced features! Just good company and contact data in an easy to use platform.
No credit card required!

Now on Android and iOS!!!

A simple and powerful B2B prospecting platform that gets the job done!

Get access to millions of company websites and profiles to identify the businesses that have the problem you solve. 

Now on Android and iOS!!

Click the cloud icon after login and follow the steps based on your preferred platform


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Find your ideal customers

Our powerful search engine allows you to narrow it down and find your ideal customers easily and effectively.


Get access to the decision-makers

Business Contacts from millions of Companies including direct dials / emails and social links.

Get prospects delivered to your email inbox

We will make it easy for you to close deals by sending you qualified prospects directly to your email inbox. 


Identify companies visiting your website

Web Insights allow you to connect your website in seconds and turn anonymous website visitors into paying customers.

Our database of companies and contacts covers anyone from your local car repair shop to fortune 500 companies.

>20 Million Companies

Company Insight Data

Web Insights

Group 3.png
Group 12.png

>200 Million Contacts

Our Data

Finding new customers shouldn't take forever and shouldn't cost a ton. Join the Prospecting Revolution today!


Annual Access

For individual salespeople and small-business owners

$99 / year

>20 million companies

>200 million contacts*

No monthly subscriptions

Company growth insights

20% off Companies/Contacts

1 year membership

Daily email lead alerts

Web insights

No credit card required!
*Business contacts are not included with membership
  • What is Inbox Gold?
    Inbox Gold is a patented B2B prospecting and data tools that allows you to find your ideal customers, identify companies visiting your website, get access to company insights and business contacts.
  • How does Inbox Gold work?
    It's very simple. You can create a free account and start searching for companies in real time. Millions of company profiles are scanned to help you identify customers based on your custom company search criteria. Inbox Gold then allows a deep dive into company profiles, business insights, contacts, and much more! Try it for free today!
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes, we do! Click on "Try it Free" to create an account and begin searching for your ideal customer.
  • How much does it cost?
    Inbox Gold provides an annual costs $99 per user.
  • What is Web Insights?
    Web Insights allows you to connect your company website so you can view which businesses are interested in your products and services. Get started today and turn anonymous website visitors into paying customers!
  • Why annual membership instead of a subsription?
    Our goal is to build a community of like minded sales and revenue oriented members. Each paying user will become a member of constantly growing community and get access to exclusive content and resources.
  • Do you offer contacts?
    Yes, contacts are not included with the annual fee however, can be obtained on a pay-as-you-go basis.
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